White door available, matte enamel.


Standard sizes. Fast delivery.

White doors on a hidden aluminum box. The design of the door is a box integrated into the wall at the stage of roughing, and the door leaf is finished with matte white enamel. Door pit will fit perfectly into any interior.
The DALMONTE warehouse always has white doors in standard sizes: 60/70/80 x 200/210/240 cm.
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  Strengthens the entire structure, creating additional rigidity.
Reinforcing mesh:     
A reinforcing mesh is fixed around the perimeter of the box to strengthen the plaster at the junction with the box.

Special fastening devices fixed on the false box and allowing you to quickly and reliably adjust and fix the box in the wall.
Hidden OTLAV loops (made in Italy).

Silent magnetic lock AGB (made in Italy).

Doors with a thickness of 60 mm are coplanar with the wall when opening "from the opening" and "into the opening".
The opening angle of the doors "from the opening" is 180 °.

LACCATO. Matte enamels / factory brand colors.
  • L01 Bianco

ALUMINIUM. Finishing of aluminum surfaces.
  • AL09 Chrome Matt

Door kit
Door kit

Technical information

<p>Technical information</p>
Preparation of the doorway
1. Prepare the necessary dimensions of the opening L2/H2.
2. The walls should be plastered on a vertical level (without deviations). Prepared for the application of finishing.
3. Floors. The door is installed at the level of the finishing floor. Necessary:
    - the presence of a finishing floor or a finishing screed with a level mark of the finishing floor;
    - floors should be flat, without differences.

Video instruction 

Hidden box
Video instructions for installing a door with a hidden box

FILO-60, Bianco.
Price per set: canvas finished with Bianco matte enamel, conditional size 60/70/80/90x200/210 cm, "hidden" box finished with Chrome Matt anodizing, sealer, hidden hinges, magnetic lock.
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